U.S. League Of Legends Finals A Landslide

August 31, 2015

Anyone who says that eSports isn’t huge wasn’t one of the 11,000 people in attendance at Madison Square Garden for the U.S. League of Legends Finals. Unfortunately, in an anticipated final, the anticipation was the best part of the match. Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) swept Team SoloMid (TSM) 3-0 in their best of 5 game battle. The fans were a little disappointed with the anti-climactic finish, but the rest of the weekend was epic.

In the third place match, Team Liquid took down Team Impulse. The highlight of the match was this amazing steal that had the crowd going crazy.

Not only are people showing up in droves, but also the biggest companies in the world like Coke are putting their money into this phenomenon. With a laundry list of huge companies sponsoring League of Legends and a worldwide following, there’s only one way for this brand to go and that’s up.

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