Twitter Live Streams eSports

July 31, 2016

E-League has just wrapped up its first full season of Counter Strike:Global Offensive action and the reception has been great. The weekly show is dedicated to the play and analysis of the popular game with top teams from around the world, including Echo Fox, battle it out for the title of E-League champs.

The world of video broadcast for live events, especially eSports, has become extremely competitive over the last several months. YouTube now has a live-streaming component, the massive site is dedicated almost solely to video games, and now even Facebook and Twitter have joined competition revealing their own live streaming platforms.

Twitter teamed up with E-League to broadcast the semi-finals CS:GO matches, making yet another huge stride for eSports this year. This is the first time in the history of eSports that a company has turned to Twitter for streaming services.

Not only did the event have coverage on and television via TBS, the gaming competition was also broadcast to millions of active Twitter users making the E-League the most widely available and viewable eSports event of all time.

The inaugural season has seen good viewership numbers and has pulled in big bucks from some major sponsors including Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. With so many major companies making the jump into eSports marketing and advertising, it’s a wonder why eSports took so long to start catching on. If the recent numbers and projections have proven anything, it’s that eSports growth will not be slowing down now that it has found traction.