Top Brands Align With Booming eSports Industry

March 5, 2016

It's no secret that in the marketing world, where eyeballs are, brands will follow. This is especially true when those eyeballs are in the coveted 15-34 year old demo. It is for that reasons that top brands worldwide are rushing to stake their claim in the growing eSports phenomenon.

Led by the top viewed game League of Legends, eSports are bringing in viewership numbers that exceed all major sporting events not called the Super Bowl. You read that right, eSports (and League of Legends specifically) are gathering more eyeballs than the NBA Finals, NCAA championships, and World Series.

So what's the difference in viewership? For one, most of the eSports viewing takes place online, but that is due to change as more broadcasters vie for television contracts. Secondly, there's not a lot of office talk about eSports because most of the viewers aren't old enough to work in offices. 

While this is the new frontier for advertisers, the gold rush has already begun, as top brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Microsoft have already joined the fold. 

While navigating the space can be confusing, VFD Marketing helps leading brands take the first step into the eSports marketing world. For more information, contact us today.