Esports Forecasted To Generate Almost $2 Billion A Year By 2020

October 14, 2015

The eSports craze is getting huge and only growing. In 2014, eSports was a $200 million industry, but with live streaming on Twitch, future coverage by ESPN and TBS, big sponsors like Coca-Cola, advertising, betting and fantasy eSports, the sky is the limit.

It may be strange to think of competitive video gaming as a real sports league, but the money doesn’t lie. There’s a frenzy for companies and organizations to get involved, and if there ever was a time, it’s now.

Don’t be surprised when you see eSports on television, competing not only with smaller niche programing like Poker, but also with the bigger sports leagues. The eSports boom is happening, and it will only get bigger.

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