Echo Fox Signs SMASH Legend Mew2King

June 6, 2016

Echo Fox recently made headlines by signing a highly experienced group of players to form their first ever Call of Duty squad, and now continue to make waves in the eSports world as they bring one of the greatest Super Smash Bros. players of all time:  Mew2King.

Mew2King (or M2K) began competing in tournaments in 2005 and quickly gained a great amount of respect from other players due to his natural aptitude for the game. Known as a very analytical player, M2K made several important discoveries about Super Smash Bros Melee through countless hours of testing including falling speed, character weight, move priority, and positive uses of in-game physics. M2K has also been known as a dominant force on more than 20 characters through the various Smash releases giving him the unique ability to choose a character based on what is best against his opponent's chosen playstyle, a skill which has helped him garner over 60 recorded 1st place finishes in various tournaments throughout the world.

Also a highly active member of the Smash community, Mew2King has been known for publishing his in-game findings for all players, pro and amateur alike, to learn from, and for organizing player-friendly tournaments.

This move by Echo Fox shows their continuing optimism in the eSports market as the organization is now participating in 5 different competitive games since its start less than a year ago.