Echo Fox Signs Call of Duty Team

May 11, 2016

North American eSports organization Echo Fox already is a household name in some of the biggest games in the world including League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Street Fighter V. Echo Fox is looking to continue building their eSports dynasty by signing a list of veteran players for its new Call of Duty team.

The new Echo Fox roster consists of scene veterans SinfuL, Neslo, ProoFy, and Cyborg. The players are coming from multiple teams. Each has several impressive accolades including multiple 1st place finishes across multiple tournaments and a top 10 finish in the Call of Duty Championships in 2013 and 2014.

In a deal organized by VFD eSports Marketing, the team will be sponsored by Insane Focus (developed by Insane Labz) and VFD eSports Marketing says they will continue pursuing additional sponsorship for the players. The signing of this new Echo Fox roster not only brings new faces to the already thriving Echo Fox brand, but will also be increasing the team’s social reach by over half a million followers.

Call of Duty continues to become an increasingly popular spectator sport through an extremely active online community and has found continuing coverage on major media outlets such as The X Games, ESPN, and FOX.