Echo Fox Beats Dignitas with Record-Breaking Performance

March 14, 2016

Sitting at 5-9 going into their week 8 matchup, Echo Fox was in need of a win. Having suffered seven straight losses after their week 1 victory thanks to missing key players, the team was on the brink of relegation. In order to avoid such fate, the team would need to defeat Dignitas (a team facing similar circumstances) and stray from suffering their tenth loss.

With the objective clear, Echo Fox set out on their mission, but the game did not go according to plan. Having played fifty-four minutes, Dignitas held an 8-1 lead with a seven thousand gold advantage and looked to be heading towards victory. Fortunately for Echo Fox, Dignitas’ lead in gold never surmounted higher thanks to mid laner Froggen  and marksman Keith being able to farm minions at breakneck paces. Froggen set a new world record for farming, while Keith now stands in second place.

As the team battled back, they suffered another setback as they lost a battle 2-1, leaving Dignitas free to do what they wanted, but Echo Fox fought back and extended the game. After a little more push and pull from both sides, Dignitas finally succeeded in killing off multiple members of Echo Fox and protecting their home base. With a clear path, Dignitas set out to claim victory by infiltrating the enemy's’ base, but as they marched on, Echo Fox pulled out their final trick as two members of the team, who had stayed behind in the jungle, snuck into Dignitas’ base and claimed victory.