Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s Largest Movie Theater Chain, Makes $15 Million Esports Investment

October 14, 2015

Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s largest movie theater chain just did a deal to buy 80% of WorldGaming for $10 million. WorldGaming’s platform is used in leagues across the eSports world. Cineplex invested $5 million as well to start their own league played in their 162 theaters. Esports is booming and companies are trying to get in on the action to grow their brands alongside the eSports brand.

According to Fortune, 27 million people tuned in to watch The League of Legends final. That number, along with other streaming services is only growing. While this is a relatively minor investment for the large theater chain, they’re making bets that it will pay off and then some. The biggest companies and brands are aligning themselves with eSports and League of Legends because there is just so much avid interest and upside.

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